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Welcome to my site
I created this site for two reasons: first to try to get a message to my daughters who have not spoken to me in five years and second, to bring to the attention of the public the terrible policy of the church of Scientology called DISCONNECTION.
  1. This is Megan
    This is Megan
    She is my oldest and is a dear, sweet person, but she stopped speaking to me after being ordered to by Scientology
  2. This is Alexis
    This is Alexis
    She is younger than Megan and is the "Flower child." She too disconnected when ordered by the church.
  3. My name is Skip Young
    My name is Skip Young
    I was involved in Scientology for over 40 years and was a satisfied customer until the church attacked me. Please read my story.
The next section will introduce my family