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At this point, my strategy is to continue to watch the series produced by Leah Remini on A & E called Scientology and the Aftermath.  She is brilliant, the show is brilliant and I think it represents the BEST chance we have to get the attention of public officials and law enforcement personnel.  The bad acts of the church of Scientology need to be investigated and the policy of DISCONNECTION needs to be ENDED for all time.

Truth is, I didn't go looking for a fight with Scientology; I just wanted to have a nice, pleasant, loving relationship with my daughters.  I would NEVER have sought to scuffle with the church police force if they hadn't thrown the first punch.

I am one of the little guys.  I do not have a large funding source and I am creating this website from the seat of my pants.  I am not a techie-type, but I do admire guys like Chris Shelton who has developed his site into a very professional looking one.  And Aaron Smith-Levin has the blog-casting technique down pat.
Please send emails to at least 5 of your friends, whether they know anything about Scientology or not.  Ask them to go to this site:


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