I used to have a wonderful family
          This photo was taken in 2008 at Megan's High School graduation ceremony

          Since you are already familiar with the two georgous young ladies in the middle of this shot, I'll now tell you about that very attractive woman to your right.  Her name is Teresa.  She and I were married from April 1988 until December of 2008, but in fairness to the track of time, we separated in October 2007, just shy of our 20-year anniversary. Why, you may ask, did a divorce happen between two people who, in this photo, appear to be happy and prosperous?  The answer has several parts to it, but a big part of the reason is SCIENTOLOGY.

          I'm certain that once they read the content of my site, the church will label it a "hate" website.  That is simply their standard "knee jerk" reaction and frankly in Scientology terms, it's a "non-confront."  My comments do not amount to hate.  One can have serious disagreements with someone without hating them.  I don't HATE Scientology.  I don't even dislike it.  But I do believe that because of the pressure exerted by Scientology on Teresa to find the money to take her next step on "The Bridge," she decided to change her life's path, initiate the divorce and find someone with mo' money.  And it was also pressure from Ethics Officers on both of my daughters that caused them to cut communication with me.  So please read the story on the pages that follow about what caused My Upset with Scientology and the subsequent Disconnection.
          Scientology has within it information that will permit those who study it to be kind, understanding, interested in other people's viewpoints (even when they disagree with you) and willing to be friendly and helpful to others.  Unfortunately, L. Ron Hubbard also included within the "technology" of Scientology policies that COMMAND Scientologists to be mean, hostile, aggressive, unfriendly and totally unwilling to listen to ANY other point of view or opinion.  Scientologists (especially Sea Org members) can be some of the most opinionated, dogmatic, arrogant and stimulus-response people you have ever encountered.  But now to confuse the hell out of you, they can also be some of the most hard-working, helpful and kind people in the world.  I am giving you MY PERSONAL OPINIONS from being in and around Scientologists for over 40 years.

          Now, just for writing and publishing the preceeding sentences, the church will automatically "label" me as a heretic, an enemy and what they call a "Suppressive Person."  But, of course, I am not.  I am what Hubbard describes as a "Social Personality" and daily manifest all 12 of those positive attributes.  In the pages that follow, I will show the reader exactly what L. Ron Hubbard laid out as the attributes of a "Suppressive Person" (hereafter labeled "SP" for purposes of brevity).  The church often mis-labels people with whom they disagree.  It is very unfortunate for those who are labeled as such and it is equally unfortunate for the church as most people can clearly see that they are no longer able to correctly view and properly apply their own technical material.

          I am writing this copy in August 2017 and as of that date, my daughter Alexis has not spoken to me since March 2014 and Megan cut communication in June 2014.  This was an absolutely CRUSHING blow to me, especially in light of the fact that Teresa had dumped me only seven years earlier.  When she said she wanted a divorce it was a big shock and completely unexpected, but it wasn't my first rodeo ride, so I picked myself up, dusted off and tried to get back out there and enjoy life.  The one saving grace, of course, was the very strong and loving relationship with my two daughters.  I was very confident that they would love me forever, but I found out that the concept most everyone thinks of as "Love" has a very different meaning to those committed to Scientology.

          In the pages that follow, you will read how the church of Scientology deals with ANYONE who dares to question any of its policies, procedures or dictates.  They are very harsh, aggressive and unreasonable.  Oh, by the way, that's another word that has a different meaning to Scientologists.  According to L. Ron Hubbard, it is GOOD to be unreasonable.  Confused yet?