My upset with Scientology
  1. My introduction to Scientology
    I first became interested in Scientology in High School but didn't become active until years later when I was a Police Officer.
    Over the years I completed many, many courses in Scientology and achieved the State of Clear in 1975. Then I went on to complete what are called OT (Operating Thetan) levels up to OT V. Over many years I did hundreds of hours of volunteer work for the church of Scientology and in more than 40 years with them, I have donated tens and tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Email from a Whistleblower
    I had no upset with Scientology until I received an email in January 2012.
    The email was from Debbie Cook a 27-year veteran of Scientology's Sea Organization. She had been a high ranking executive at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, FL. Her email, sent to thousands of Scientologists, said that the senior administration of the church had become very corrupt over the last 20 years. There were very serious problems at the top of the organization which were resulting in Scientologists leaving the church by the THOUSANDS. I began to investigate by going onto the Internet and doing my own independent research. I would soon come to regret that decision.
  3. I am attacked by my church
    When the church found out I had been reading "unauthorized" material, they severely disciplined me. I had not been expecting that level of attack.
    Please read my rather lengthy story that follows. It contains all the details and it is something I want the public to be aware of.
  4. They force my kids to Disconnect
    My story tells all the details of how the church of Scientology ordered my daughters to stop speaking with me.
    The church pulled the plug on the wonderful 20-plus year Father / Daughter relationship I had. I miss both my daughters very much. Please read my story that follows...